We’ll take a cup of kindness yet…

That’s it. Christmas is over.

Big Sad Face.

As you know, I do love Christmas but there does come a time when the decorations need to go. It makes me feel a bit claustrophobic after a while.

This year I attempted to take some decorations down before 12th night which did not go down well let me tell you!

Today though, we finished up and dried the tinsel and the coffee table on the radiator, as you do (they’d had got rather wet each time we watered the christmas tree) and put Bluebell, our blue-spruce tree in the garden who will hopefully last to see another christmas.

The decorations are safe and sound-ish in their boxes before they make the brave journey to the loft in about June when we eventually get fed up of walking into them.

By the way, blu-tak stuck on brickwork doesn’t come off.

While putting the decorations away, I  always like looking through the christmas cards. My favourite on this year was from our trendy friends and was an info graphic of their year.

So cool and loads better than the looooong  christmas letters that my parents seem to get sent lots of. They do cause some giggles around the dinner table I must confess, as we are all educated in the latest detail of someones long distant relatives sore big toe or someone else’s cruise to the med where they all got noro-virus.

I thought therefore that I would have a go at reviewing 2012 in the teaspoon house in photos.

There are so many more I would have liked to include such as Olympic and Paralympic greatness but that would then be more of a long newsletter of my year, in much detail that I have just pretty much slated, so I have not done that 🙂

Happy New Year!

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