I believe in miracles baby.

Hold the front page, this week we celebrated getting planning permission to build a bathroom!

Credit- pinterest
Credit- pinterest

It was a bit of a surreal moment really.

After 8 months of amending drawings, chats with those who know the planning world and bleak moments of thinking ‘it’s never going to happen’ neither of us quite knew how to react, but each day since we got the green light, one of us will turn to the other and declare in an ever so slightly hysterical way.

“we’re going to have a bathroom


“we’re going to have a kitchen”

something like this would be nice Credit: Pinterest
something like this would be nice
Credit: Pinterest

OK, it’s probably just me who says anything in a slightly hysterical way.

Now I have a legitimate reason to look at pinterest and stare through other people’s windows at their kitchens. Not like, stop and stare, I mean a cool casual glance of course!

At this moment in actual real life time, we have a builder and a structural engineer in our house talking about steel, bricks and pins and they’ve even gone into the loft to look at ‘things’

I am hiding as you know how I feel about going into the loft.

Soon there will be more tales of dust, noise and poo-pipes to delight you with which is what I set out to write this blog about.

Until we get there, you might have to put up with a few more stories of random things that I get up to, so thank you for bearing with me!


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