the moment I wake up, before I put on my make up…

The arrival of spring time sunshine has been in a delight hasn’t it.

I dared to wear some summery shoes over the weekend and convinced myself that my ankles were not at all cold.

I did feel a bit pasty though and as I sat at the hairdressers getting my hair trimmed, all I could think about what how pale I looked so before heading out to celebrate a friend’s birthday I plastered on some slap to look a bit more presentable and more importantly, alive.

Obviously I didn’t plaster it on cos I don’t really like that look, but I felt a bit better for some bronzer!

This is probably a very boring post for those of you not the slightest bit interested in make up so you have permission to leave now if you want to.

There, now I’ve warned you I shall plough right into it.

I love make up.

I’m a sucker for some cool packaging, an endorsement from a celebrity or a free sample when walking through a cosmetics hall in a department store.

The boomy music blaring out, trendy make up counter staff and all those colours!


I must say though that I’m not such a fan of the staff who don’t leave you alone and offer to cover your face in a layer of orange.

No thanks, I’m just browsing.

I don’t like the feel of foundation. It makes me want to wash my face.

I think I was put off heavy foundations after studying at fashion college when in our make up classes we would have to put layers of the stuff on and off several times.

That was until I discovered bareMinerals

I think all of their products are excellent and their foundations are natural enough for you to sleep in. Brilliant when one is partial to an afternoon nap every now and then.


If I’m feel especially pasty, then I love to use their radiance powers too.

In fact, when ever I use it, people tell me I look well.

Hmm, maybe I should wear it more often.

It is, I think, a bit pricey but well worth the investment as a little goes such a long way. This means you can save up and get things a bit at a time.

I am sort of in love with their primer eye shadow. Yes, a primer for the eyes that is coloured. A brilliant time saver in the morning that lasts all day, doesn’t crease and gives great coverage with a nice wash of colour. 

That a few dozen coats of mascara, my current choice is maybelline volume express and I’m sort of good to go.


Although saying that, I leave the house thinking I look ok and then get to work and often take one look in the bathroom mirror and wonder what on earth happened to me on my way to work.

For my lips, I slap on some trusty carmex or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – a tube of that will last you a life time and is great to treat spots of dry skin, I even use it around my eyes when I get the occasional eczema flare up.

To take it all off I swear by Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. It works as eye make up remover as well, so saves time and is oh so gentle on your skin.

Again, it’s not cheap so I’ll ask for it for Christmas and birthdays which makes using much more of a treat as well.

So there you go.

Nothing about the house and making do and mending, in fact a rather frivolous and potentially expensive blog post.


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