garden by night

with silver bells and cockle shells

How nice is it to have had days this week where you didn’t need to wear a coat!

Spring has sprung and our little garden is starting to bloom with delightful flowers that were planted in the bleak midwinter.

I don’t know what all the plants are as that is Mr Teaspoon house domain, but they are lovely to to see when doing the washing up in the kitchenbathroom.


Our garden is made up of a concrete path down the middle, one flower bed where we (Mr TSH) grow vegetables and a narrow bed where we have some climbers and various containers.

When we commence building work, which won’t be long now *excitable squeals* we will knock down the toilet and where that stood we will create a patio area with hopefully a table and chairs so that we can sit and enjoy the outside space we have.

We also have an ugly drain cover that I once had to look down when a man came to look at the drains.

It is very deep so I avoid walking over it incase the ground caves in and I fall down and can’t climb out such is its depth and instead try to scramble up to no avail so am left calling for help for hours. In my head this scenario is just like in an episode of neighbours where they don’t play the theme tune music at the end because it’s been sombre and serious episode.

Back to happier times though, and in the height of summer our garden resembles a tropical rainforest like The Eden Project or hot-house at Kew Gardens, which incidentally I like visiting a lot but get SO hot that I end up whizzing around really quickly leaving Mr TSP behind as he likes to read all the plant notices.

On a warm summers evening in our garden, I like to hang jars with tea lights in them up and think gives the garden a magical look.

What do you do to make your outside space special?

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