we all scream for ice cream

We’re waiting on windows.

Should have arrived this week but they’re still on the big wide ocean in a container, but they are supposed to dock this weekend so hopefully we’ll have glass to look out of rather than insulation quite soon.

To fill the window gap in our lives we dared to venture where no person dares to go on a Saturday afternoon.

You’ve guessed it, we went to Ikea.

Now I know some people who don’t care for it at all but I am not one of those people.

Admittedly I don’t like it as much on a Saturday afternoon when there are lots of people walking slow,  stopping in the middle of the aisle to stare at their paper tape measure, not able to choose between meatballs or pasta etc

(erm, meatballs every time right?)

We were there to look at kitchens.

We walked fast, well as fast as you can when you’ve got the stopping tape measure people in your midst determined to only follow the arrows on the floor.

Once we arrived at the kitchen department, we were suddenly transformed into those very tape measure, arrow following people.

this way please
this way please

So much choice, so many handles and door fronts.

So many soft closing cupboards to open and watch wide mouthed as it doesn’t slam shut and then pull the same face again and again as it happens each time you open a different cupboard and all as we beckon over the person we are at Ikea with, so that they too can watch in wonder as the cupboard door doesn’t slam.

But funny how when you have them in your own home, we stop needing to call out to anyone around “hey come and look as this drawer softly closes.” We just get on with making the tea don’t we.

Where was I, oh yes, we were looking at the kitchens.

Mr T has spent many an hour planning the new kitchen layout on the computer, because of course when the bath goes away, we will be able to add some actual kitchen things to our bathless kitchen.

Our current choice stands at wooden cupboards that are a light grey colour and a slate worktop, something like this:

credit: Ikea
credit: Ikea


Once we’d decided we liked this one, we spent some time being even more slow in the aisles looking at appliances and then turning the corner and seeing a different kitchen and having the classic “Ooh, we like this one too. Are we still happy with our choice?” moments.

To finish it off, we did what one always does when you go to Ikea, had an ice cream and fizzy drink.

We held back on the courtesy tealight purchase this time.


I should point out that I haven’t been asked to write about Ikea, it’s just me, retelling what I got up to last weekend!

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