build me up buttercup

Since I last wrote, we’ve had a new roof put on what was the kitchenbathroom and will become the kitchendiningroom.

roof that doesn't bend in the middle any more
roof that doesn’t bend in the middle any more

This was a good thing as the day after, we saw the Big Storm 2103 arrive.

The render on the rest of the house has also been finished along with the drain pipes so we don’t have to listen to rain water hitting the rubbish bin anymore.

We also have an outside light.

It really is the little things that make a difference 🙂

This is given much joy as now there’s no searching for keys in the dark.

The new kitchendiningroom roof has roof lights and has been plastered too so the room is taking shape and starting to look like a room rather than, well an empty space.


Then today, when the builders went to fit a new kitchen window, all the back wall fell down.


where the wall fell down
where the wall fell down

So now we have a kitchendiningroomgarden.

Who needs bi-fold doors…..

On a serious note, it’s all being held up by those strong steel, holdy up things – is safe and secure and the bricks are ready and waiting to rebuild it.

The bathroom however is still not finished and now we are MORE than ready for it to be over.

The bathroom man has not working as hard as he could do so that’s difficult.

Insert sad and frowny looking faces here. :-/

We spent the weekend staying with friends in Cambridge which a a delight and meant that the bathroom man could get some more work done but we got home to see the unfinished bathroom in front of our face and that was not so good.

Mr T and I did a bit of raging about it.

I do feel bad complaining about it when I know there are people who don’t have homes so I’ve tried not to write about it too much if I’m honest but on the other hand, we just want our lives back.

But I shall not moan about it at you any more as we are in this position by choice and it will be amazing when the bathroom is finished.

So for a complete change of subject, here is big autumn tree I saw in Cambridge.

It’s probably a tree that has inspired lots of boffs.

a pretty tree in cambridge
a pretty tree in cambridge

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