it’s the final countdown

The good news is that the tiles in the bathroom have all been buffed, so fingers crossed, the bathroom will be 100% finished, done and dusted (really dusted!) this week.

Once that is done, there is some plastering to be done for what will be the kitchen and then the snagging list of other things, such as smoothing, sanding, nailing down etc etc oh and doors so that we get into the garden.

At the moment, Mr T stares longingly out of the new kitchen window at the garden as it gets more and more untended because we can’t access it without doors you see. Plus our christmas tree from last year, that we think is still alive, is out there so we will be needing to rescue her soon!

Until then, we continue to live in a limbo-land of no bathroom or kitchen. It’s strange to think that once we had both in the same room and now we have neither.

bath and fridge - the best of friends
bath and fridge – the best of friends

We do have a toilet and sink so we are not peeing in a bucket, but it’s been a fair amount of time now since the project was started, and it will be a momentous day when the bathroom alone is completed.

The cross stitch is getting there (for those of you were wondering!) so maybe next time I write I can show you a picture of the finished bauble.


As this blog is shorter than normal, why not spend the rest of the time that you would have spend reading it, making a donation the the Philippines Typhoon appeal through Tearfund, who do amazing work.

Until next time.


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