I’m forever blowing bubbles

I have had a bath.

So what, I hear you say.

In fact, you’re probably thinking , jolly good thanks for sharing that dull piece of information and letting us know you like to keep clean.

But what if I told you that I have had a bath in my bathroom that is not also a kitchen.

Yep, knew you’d be impressed!


(Still haven’t used the shower as shower screen is yet to arrive but that’s a minor detail)

Not sure it will stay this minimalist for long to be honest but I did enjoy having a good sort out of the medicine box and discovering lotions and potions that expired years ago and hanging a bath towel on a warm radiator.

There will be no more shouts of “ooh look I can see my breath in this cold bathroomkitchen” no no, instead there will be frequent declarations of “well, I might just go and have a bath then. UPSTAIRS, in the BATHROOM”

or “Oh where is my shampoo? oh look, here it is in this handy under sink drawer, no it isn’t next to the kitchen bin, how delightful!”

door not yet painted obvs
door not yet painted obvs

Nope, none of that.

Good times.


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