walk this way, walk this way

It’s been a while hasn’t it.

Last time I told you about a trip to Ikea that was memorable and now I shall tell you about it.

On the whole, I love the shop. (in that, read ‘I love the marketplace’)

I don’t like following the arrows and getting stuck behind people trying to steer the trolleys that always appear to have a life of their own. Anyway, on this particular visit, our steps were extra bouncy as we were there to ORDER THE KITCHEN!!!

On arrival we had the obligatory meatballs and then sat with the kitchen planner staff to show that what we had planned. Really, it’s all Mr T’s hard work and the staff were well impressed with it as they didn’t need to make any suggestions or amends to it.


Then it started to get a bit slow.

The ordering took a while, it was about 8.30pm by now and I was getting sleepy.

Time passed by and at 9.30pm (yes, an hour later) we left the kitchen department along with the announcement of “this store will be closing in half an hour” to collect the bits of the kitchen that were in stock from the warehouse, otherwise known by me as ‘what I think hell must be like’

We had to fast walk/run through the marketplace – big sad face – to get to hell aka the warehouse and were met with the longest queues I have ever seen in my life.

this way please
this way please

It fitted with my thoughts of hell quite well, as I imagine the queues were people wanting to leave but being backed up in a line of people waiting to reach the pearly gates.

On with the story.

I had managed to grab a few bits in the marketplace in our run through, imagine supermarket sweep and you’ve got a good image of what I was like 🙂  so I joined a queue to pay while Mr T waited very patiently for the kitchen bits and pieces.

It was gone 10pm and the shop was officially closed but we are still in there with half the world waiting to pay for our items whose names we can’t pronounce.

We weren’t going to give up when we had got this far.

Finally I made it and waited for Mr T who I then found pushing THREE trolleys of items through to the till.

Time check: something past 10, way past my bedtime.

We played tag team and I’d taken the trolleys that had been scanned over to the home delivery counter, where they had to rescan everything for a delivery.

I was seriously starting to loose the will to live by now.

To make matters even worse, the hot dog and ice cream counter, which complete any ikea visit was closed.


Then as if that wasn’t bad enough, between scanning the things at the till and again at the delivery place something wasn’t adding up, so they went through all the items not once more but twice.

Time check: 11pm

I’d been polite for all this time. But it was wearing  a little thin now.

Plus I was really looking forward to an ice cream. and the counter was closed, closed I tell you!

I said a few words along the lines of ‘we’d really like to go home now please. It’s not our fault it’s not adding up. Please can we go, please?’

I didn’t really want to spend the night in ikea, despite the opportunity it would give us to ‘live’ in one of the showroom bedrooms.

Then, in what felt like no time at all, it was the next day.

Oh yes, that’s right because we got home at midnight, it was, actually the next day. The same day that the items we had literally, just left behind in the shop were going to be delivered to us!

For a while, it was like we were back there again, except this time, rather than having to travel to ikea, I just opened the door to my own home and I was there with packets of handles, hinges and flat pack boxes everywhere your eye could see.

This photo doesn’t really convey what it was really like very well, but for those who may be interested it was like this but all around you in every room!

boxes everywhere you look!
boxes everywhere you look!

We have of course have had to go back at least three times since to get more bits and take some back and there is still one door missing but that should be with us before christmas but hey, what’s one missing door between friends.

So, I know you’re wanting to see it. (still need to to tiling and lay flooring, so this isn’t the finished article yet)

kitchen aid is happy to be out again
kitchen aid is happy to be out again


Mr T has been amazing and fitted it all himself, working all hours to get it ready.

hello kitchen (minus fridge door)
hello kitchen (minus fridge door)

Do you like it?

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