it’s just another manic monday..

You know that thing when it’s nearing christmas and that makes you suddenly want every job you have to do in the home to be finished, because it’s christmas?



This past week Mr T and I have been like machines doing that very thing. (I’ve not even had time to look through my christmas radio times properly yet)

Mr T has been working well hard at fitting the kitchen, visiting ikea a lot and basically being a genius putting things together and making them stay on the wall, while I try to help by holding things are really heavy for about two seconds before having to put them down and leaving him to it, to do something that doesn’t involve trying to hold a cupboard above my head or leaning really hard on something with all my weight so he can bash a hammer on it (not on me, but the walls/cupboards etc)

We’ve got loads done and today is the first day in, what feels like months, that we have sat down for longer than an hour before having to get on with some work on the house.

Some friends and family visited us and it was great to sit in our kitchendiner with them and relax.

I’m sorry, I’ll just repeat that for you.

I said, to sit in our kitchendiner NOT kitchenbathroom.

Can you believe it?

This morning, I even  made mince pies.

There were no horrific cooking stories to tell with this baking incident although I rolled the pastry was a bit thick, but you can’t have everything.

One part of the house that we have completely finished now are the stairs and it’s made a huge difference.

When we moved in we ripped out all the old carpets before moving any of our boxes or furniture (shout out to bro-in-law for taking them away in his car and having years worth of old dust to contend with)

This included the carpet on the stairs. We did though keep the carpet rods and when a friend commented that they would look lovely cleaned up and reused, I was pleased as punch.


Until Mr T reminded me that I’d thrown them out when we were at the tip and I was having a bit of a rage about all the stuff we had to get rid of.

That was quite sad and since then we’ve had pretty knackered looking stairs.


Until, I was let loose with our handheld sander.

I sanded, filled in gaps and undercoated those bad boys and Mr T finished them off. Five coats of paint later we have a rather lovely floor paint and now they look quite swish.


We could then also put back the mirror wall and I cleaned the picture frames that had a extension’s worth of dust on them. Nice.

Oh yes I also finished my christmas bauble, although it’s not really very christmassy at all and the heart shape is a bit wonky, but it’s another thing ticked off my list which makes me happy along with altering the length of our curtains that had to change after our new windows were fitted, painting the new back doors, tiling the kitchen, painting the new entrance lobby (not a lobby at all, it’s a very small space that you shuffle through but it sounds nicer doesn’t it) moving piles of DIY ‘stuff’ from room a to room b, hoovering, dusting, sealing every surface.

And I think, for now, we are done.



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