Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles

It’s time for finishing touches in the teaspoon house now.

A bit like the song from the sound of music, these really are a few of my favourite things as it’s time to unleash creativity instead of thinking about building regulations and all that formal business.

But here comes the, well, the but.

It’s something that I realise I love and also loath at the same time.

Love because it’s putting your personal stamp on something and loath because it still seems to involve varying degrees of preparation.

And you know how I feel about that.

In our new kitchen for example, we have some skirting boards to fit after we had a new floor laid (more on that another time)

Admittedly Mr T is doing that but he has to paint them all first and then attach them.

What I want to know is why don’t they sell ready painted skirting boards?

It would save the world a lot on masking tape, smelly paint and newspaper.

We also have quite a bit sealant to squidge on in the kitchen now that the walls are tiled seal the space between  them and the worktop.

tiling finished!
tiling finished!

We’ve finally put up a couple of shelves to display Mr T’s whisky collection rather than them hiding in a cupboard.

whiskey, whiskey whiskey
whiskey, whiskey whiskey

and I plan to paint the wall to the right, with the clock on it with chalkboard paint so that it resembles something like this;

credit: pinterest
credit: pinterest

Instead of helping Mr T with the tiling or the skirting I wasted some more time looking at pinterest and you might have noticed, changing the look of this blog a bit.

I’ve changed the name to The Teaspoon House.

I’ve called our home that for a while after seeing the previous owners collection on the wall when first viewed the house and more recently I was reminded that as a child, I had a real fascination with a box of teaspoons at my Grandma’s house, so much so that I would rearrange them in the box over and over.

Yes, I do realise that’s a bit weird 🙂

playful teaspoons!
playful teaspoons!

So there you have it, new year, new look blog!

Oh before I forget, we now have our shower screen which, while not exciting in the slightest for most, has filled our hearts with joy.

screen of joy
screen of joy

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