why does it always rain on me

With this awful rain that won’t seem to go away, there has been lots of staying inside and enjoying the kitchen, that is no longer also a bathroom.

We’ve been able to have friends over who have made all the appropriate ooh and ahh noises and the space is proving to be a good sociable room.

I made a pudding that didn’t fail as well which was an added bonus.

Hiding inside away from the rain also spurred us on to decide to make our most middle age purchase yet- a tumble dryer.

It doesn’t have its permanent residence yet, which will eventually be under the stairs where the coal used to live so until then it’s in the room that will be the study…which will happen once the final finishes in the kitchen are done.

You get the picture.

understairs cave aka understairs cupboard.

So, seeing as it’s going to be raining forever, one project that I really am planning on completing before Easter (you heard it here first) is recovering both these chairs.

The wing back chair belongs to my Grandma and was given to me to look after.

I’m quite scared about trying upholstery but I’ve found these instructions at a great blog – DIY Design so we’ll see how that goes!

The smaller chair is for our dining room and was  £10 from this massive antique shop in Horncastle.We were staying close by for the week and decided to have a day out to this sweet village to look around the antique shops there.

There were quite a lot of them and we came across great expectations purely by chance. From the outside it looked like a proper old curiosity shop .

There were items stacked everywhere and quite a lot of people going in and out.

We had a poke about and went to investigate further at the back to see what we could find.

and it turned out to be


We just kept walking through room after room until we were outside in a big yard with outhouses and piles and piles of stuff that nobody wanted anymore.

Choosing the chair took about three years as we found ourselves in a warehouse just full of chairs. We must have sat on a over a million before settling on this one. It sounds a bit pathetic to say that this is what we came away with but it was all quite overwhelming so to come away with this was quite an achievement!

I still need to choose the fabric, which hopefully won’t take me until the week before Easter as I’ll then be in for a bit of nightmare getting them both done in a week won’t I.

For now though, I think I’m going to dry something in my tumble dryer and marvel at it’s fluffy-ness.

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