I bet you look good on the dance floor

I didn’t think I’d find myself writing a blog post about floor but then come to think of it, I did get pretty excited about our carpet.



Turns out I must like flooring.

We were really pleased when we moved in to have the original floorboards still in situ. Like unwrapping a present from an aunty at Christmas and not feeling entirely convinced that you’ll like what you find and then discovering they did good.

(does that make me sound tres superficial? You know what I mean though right?)

Well, when we took up the colourful carpets we were pleased with what we found.

Straight away we decided to keep them as they’d fit in with our ‘look.’

things for the loft

Not that I really know what our look is as it’s a mishmash of all sort to be honest, but we decided they would fit right in.

You just has to be careful not get splinters in your feet or to stub your toe on a wayward nail and you were fine. And then there were the draughts that wiped up through the gaps every now and then.

Not to mention my completely rational fear of insects and vermin that could possible (ie never really) decide to creep up in the middle of the night through the gaps and decide to make The Teaspoon House their home too.

Time passed by and we become proud owners of carpet in the living room. A milestone in the maturity stakes I’ll sure you’ll agree!


But the rest of the downstairs, being the new kitchen diner, entrance hall and study were to be old rustic floorboards that we were kindly given from a family friend which was fantastic and for a few months they lay there very nicely. Thank you very much.

As the building work started to get less dusty, we bit the bullet and hired a sanding machine. I asked work colleagues for advice and my boss told me what varnish to use and everything.

Mr T, the builder and the builders assistant (and me for some of the time) spent an entire day making lots of noise hammering in nails and pulling out the old ones that the old carpet has been nailed in with.

There were lots and it was not fun.

All I wanted to do was get to the fun part of pushing a machine around while wearing earphones, safety goggles and a dust mask.

I’d watched plenty of youtube videos on how to sand a floor and I was ready with a capital R.

But a whole day of prep had taken its toll, so we waited until the next day.

Morning came and it was THE DAY.

The day of transformation.

The machine was noisier than I could have imagined. I felt sorry for our neighbours and anyone who lived within a 10 mile radius. They must have all gone out of the day though as no one complained (to my face)

It was also really heavy and the study is a small room so manoeuvering the mini-tank was a bit tricky so I decided to have a go with the smaller sander that was for doing the corners.

That was an entirely different kettle of fish. It was as if it had a life of its own zooming about like a mosquito.

Mr T and I swapped for a bit and I had a go at getting more of the pesky old rusty nails our of the floor while he steered the beast around the study.

It was looking promising even though it was taking ages. We must have changed the sand paper at least 100 times. (slight exaggeration, only slight)

Eventually we came to start sanding in the dining room and this is where my tale gets sad.

The floorboards in this room were original to the house. They were therefore very old. There had been some wood worm in them once (panic not, no longer is it there)

The sander must have got hungry because then it started eating the floorboards.

Our backs were hurting, our eardrums were close to bursting and we were exhausted.

Sanding floors is well tiring and we, admitted we were feeling a little out of our depth.

We’d only got as far as a few of the original floor boards and they were mashed up due to the wood worm.

And so we made a bold decision.

To stop.

And get new floor.

There was a brief moment of elation as we realised we shouldn’t have to spend our whole weekend sanding a floor that did not want to be sanded, and then sadness that we wouldn’t be able to keep the original floor.

To be honest I was a bit peeved that we’d spent so long preparing the floor, because you know how I feel about the preparation part, only for it to be a waste of our time.

I wanted my weekend back.

At least, I thought to myself, we hadn’t forgotten to attach the Hoover bag to the machine like a friend of ours did, as I would not have wanted to spend the rest of the day cleaning up.

Every cloud eh!

So now we have a new floor. It has no gaps so animals can’t get in. We got someone to fit it for us which was a real treat.

The house is warmer and we no longer have to worry about splinters and sore toes.

So while we are sad that we couldn’t keep it old school, we have kept our sanity which is the most important thing.

Sometimes the plans you have don’t work out, and it’s ok to admit defeat and make a new one.









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