rain rain go away

The past couple of weeks have seen us trying to get the final finishing touches done.

The awful weather has put a slight halt to some of those plans and for now our outside step needs to be paved and the garden is a complete tip!The rain did stop long enough for us to get the house number fixed into the wall which is obviously a good thing for anyone coming to visit for the first time.

One of the tasks that we did get finished was fitting these clever drawers in the kitchen that sit under the cupboards and give us that little bit of extra space to store things which is lovely!


I’ve also been good and gloss painted the last of new skirting boards which was a momentous occasion that also meant we could make a start putting the study/music room together.

It’s nice to see Mr T’s instruments unearthed from the dust and now we’ve put the blind up it also means we have some privacy which is always nice.


While we wait for the rain to stop, I’ve been trying to a get couple of these Davina Fit in 15 workouts a week which is so far going ok.

I’m also enjoying reading from the blog Yellow Brick Home which is the story of Kim and Scott, living in Chicago doing up their, what looks to be, pretty big house that is a massive project!

And I’ve been thinking about making these Cadbury creme egg brownies A LOT

credit: Pinterest
credit: Pinterest

I’m sure there are many other things that I’ve been up to, but for now this is what springs to mind!

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