everything you own in a box

Is it wrong to get excited by storage?

I know I’ve written about it before, back in the early days when the house was just becoming our home but just recently as things have been getting back to ‘normal’ I’ve been able to get things organised again which brings me joy.

I also blame muji acrylic storage.

This will bore some of you to tears and other will relish my container excitement as with me.

Things being ordered and tidy helps me to think straight and I love that the containers are transparent so I can see what’s inside them. I must also confess that I’m not always neat and tidy and my wardrobe is more often than not, a mess with clothes falling off hangers, inside out and the shelves that start off having clothes folded neatly soon end up scrunched up and all the place, so having a clear container forces me to keep things tidy.

I got these quite a while ago but only recently managed to get things properly organised when I had a de-junk of old make up and was brave in throwing out things I’ve had for ages but didn’t ever use.

ooh yeah!
ooh yeah!

I soon moved on to my jewellery and for me, I love being able to see pieces that have been gifts and again, the clear container means that I can see everything which reminds me to wear them whereas when they were in a closed box, I couldn’t admire them so much.



In our spare room which is no longer the ‘where shall this go, let’s just shove it in here’ room we have a couple of cabinets from Ikea that I’ve been able to label up so we know what’s inside them – genius!



and then finally in the kitchen, we snapped up this bad boy in Homesense, which is the TX Maxx for home stuff, for us to store our mason jars on, as I do have a habit of decanting food from boxes and packets into jars and then having to find somewhere for the jar to go.



So my geeky storage loving friends, that is my tale for today.

I’m off to find something else to tidy and store.

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