sun is shining the weather is sweet

When we moved into the teaspoon house we had a of sort-of-outside-loo, in as much as it has been an outside toilet which had then been added to the house with a one brick thick porch type thing so we didn’t have to go outside to get to it, so that at least was something.

old toilet on the right, sticks out into the garden
old toilet on the right, sticks out into the garden

Don’t get me wrong, I was very grateful that had been done and while it meant we had less outside space it was for a good reason!

Before building work started, we made the most of the space and it was small but well planted. We hung lights out and I felt like flower fairy.

garden by night
garden by night

When building work finished, sorting the garden get put more or less to the bottom of the list as it was pretty messed up once the building equipment and rubble had disappeared. Our small veggie patched had been all but left to go to seed last summer as we could no longer get to it and over the winter it was far too cold and/or wet to think about it.

rebuit back of house with new doors to garden
rebuit back of house with new doors to garden

I say this as I wasn’t thinking about it at all, Mr T on the other hand is a green fingered person and he would often go out and salvage what there was left.

What did happen though was that he assembled a shed at the back where we can store our bike, which we never use  and you know, grown up gardening tools like secateurs.

In more recent times we have both been giving the garden a lot more thought and when a money off voucher came through the letter box for a depressing DIY shop we took full advantage to see if we could afford to buy decking.

The first plan was to lay a frame and then use our leftover bathroom tiles outside to lay a patio.

This didn’t work.

Well, the frame worked but the tiles broke and that’s not what we wanted to happen.

So, off we go again to the depressing DIY shop, I say depressing as the ground is all dusty, the trolley always have a wonky wheel and there doesn’t feel like much atmosphere. You just go in get what you need and leave.

We’re back in the shop and this time using our other voucher, get some decking boards and the other bits you need like screws.

This is really where my input stopped and Mr T took over and the next thing I knew, we had decking.

It was then that I was able to step in next and paint the back doors which we had left undercoated since December.

check out the deck - and nicely painted doors
check out the deck – and nicely painted doors

As this part of the house can be seen from the street it had been bugging me for a while that our house still looked a mess and now I feel that our house is no longer letter the street down and looks a tad more presentable. There is still the issue of the old toilet wall which is still standing and is our little backdrop for growing some climbing plants.

The problem is it still has some bits of wallpaper on it, so to be honest, while I’ve gone to the effort of painting the doors there is also a wall with peeling paint and wallpaper on it. I’m saying that it’s rustic and oldy-worldy but really I think it needs to be sorted.

My first plan was to paint it all with chalkboard paint but Mr T wasn’t so sure and now I’ve had time to think about neither am I, so it’s a good good I didn’t go right ahead. I do quite like the idea of getting an old frame and fixing it to the wall and painting the back of the frame with chalkboard paint so it looks a bit like a picture on a wall, so we’ll see.

old toliet wall - now a climbing wall.  for plants not people.
old toliet wall – now a climbing wall.
for plants not people.

Other bits we’ve got to make the garden feel more finished are some old mirrors that we got when we went to great expectations and had a slight overwhelming experience back last summer- I like these as they reflect the other side of the garden to make it feel bigger. They also got really weathered from being outside so work well with the left behind bit of wall.


mirror mirror on the fence
mirror mirror on the shed

My best feature though are two bright yellow lanterns as they add a slam dunk the funk pop of colour to the garden all year round.

So now we shall enjoy the al-fresco delights of suburbia  in between shoo-ing the neighbourhood cats away.


yellow lanterns give us light





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