gonna let it burn

The sun still has its hat on in England and while we might be out of the world cup, I’m pleased that Wimbledon starts this week.

I find something quite soothing about the sound of a tennis ball bouncing off a racket, plus it’s the perfect excuse to eat strawberries and cream à la wimbledon.

The downside of this sporty season though is that it makes me very aware of my lack of fitness.

Sunny days + summer wardrobe + sport on TV = feeling like a heffer.

Confession time is that I’ve fallen into a fitness hole and not in a good way.

If I were to fall in a hole I don’t think I would be able to get out and not because I was too busy using the cross trainer.

I’ve been toying with the idea of joining the gym again as weirdly for me, I think I enjoy it but then again, maybe that’s just a trick of the mind.

I had to giggle when reading this post from Ruth Crilly over at A model recommends on her gym changing room feelings, which I share.

The biggest thing for me though is this:

pretty isn't it
pretty isn’t it


Going here is free, it’s beautiful, it’s a few minutes walk from my front door.

And yesterday while walking there with Mr T, we saw a bunny.




I want to enjoying running but I’ve not ever, since completing couch to 5k, ever had a run where I’ve felt it was enjoyable or easy.

I like the idea and when I see an expanse of green ahead of me, there’s a teeny tiny part of me that feels a tinsey winsey exhilarated at the thought of running along it.

I’ve been able to run further, back in the day I lost weight but never had a ‘I love this’ moment.

What I don’t know is if this is normal.

Maybe let me know your experience in the comments section below yeah?

In the mean time, I’m going to try and magic up a cake recipe that makes you lose weight.

Laters people.

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