if we took a holiday….

Last week Mr T and I enjoyed some time away from the office.

It felt like a long time coming.

We used Secret Escape to book our summer holiday last year and found the offer we used for this break on the same website a few weeks ago and it didn’t disappoint.

We spent two nights at the incredible Bishopstrow Hotel in Warminster staying The Master Room.

It was the sort of room where you take a sharp intake of breath when you step inside.


Or like me, as soon as the hotel staff member has closed the door and left the room, turn wide-eyed to Mr T and both let out a nervous giggle when you realised it’s actually quite posh.

I was delighted to find Elemis products in the bathroom and even more taken back to see that the curtain tie back were Mulberry.

‘Mulberry tie backs’ I exclaimed to Mr T who didn’t really get it. (there wasn’t a big sign pointing them out of anything, I just looked when I closed the curtains)

And get this;


Two baths, TWO baths looking out over fields.


We were both feeling pretty chuffed to have scored such a plush room and immediately put on our fluffy robes and went down to use the spa where we enjoyed a swim, jacuzzi, steam and sauna followed by a complimentary Rasul treatment.

On reflection, we probably shouldn’t have used the steam room and sauna before this treatment as once in the rasul suite, the room fills with steam.

So there were both were with Rasul mud smeared all over having just left the sauna, therefore we were already fairly warm (read beetroot bright red in the face)

At one point Mr T had to leave to drink some water and I likened it to I’m a celebrity.

This was all completely our fault for using the sauna first.

I’m thankful that there was only for two people in the rasul suite, otherwise I think we would have had to suffer in silence and not be able to let out our ‘do you think the 20 minutes is up soon?’  or ‘I’m so sweaty’ – Mmmm attractive.

When the showers came on, I say shower, really it’s a lovely delicate sprinkling of water which washes of the mud, it was delightful and my skin really did feel smooth.

We moved on to use the relaxation suite where we lay on chaise longues, drank herbal tea, read Hello magazine and listened to relaxing, plinky plonky music. All while trying not to fall asleep.

In order to not fall fast asleep and have to be woken up by a therapist,  which would have been well embarrassing, we hauled ourselves back to our posh room to get ready for dinner which was included in our deal along with breakfast.

I know, it was a really difficult couple of days!

They even have housekeeping knock to see if we needed any fresh towels or water and when we came back after dinner our bedside lamps had been turned on.

I found this quite exciting.

As you can tell, I’m not used to this level of service at all.

The next day followed pretty much the same routine;

get up, eat

put on robes, use the spa

eat, sleep

and repeat.

I haven’t been paid to write this at all and we paid for our stay so don’t think this a sponsored post ‘cos it ain’t. I do  know how life sucking searching online for days/weeks/months for holiday can be, so I’m sharing the love and think every little helps!

I really would recommend Bishopstrow if you want a special get away with friends or a loved one.

There are other rooms not in the original house you can also stay in, but I think the rooms in the house are probably more plush and less travelodge-esq as they have the original features in them, but that’s just my preference, plus staying in the house means you have to walk down the grand staircase to get anywhere which means you can do so while pretending it’s your house.

If you wanted to.



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