today this could be, the greatest day of our lives

If you’re like me, then you’ll know what it’s like when you book something waaaaaaay in advance and feel excited about the concert/holiday/show that you are going to see in 24 months time, then when it gets to the weeks and days before hand, you realise it’s going to take ages to get there or you’re stupid and look at trip advisor and decide it’s going to be awful and end up dreading it.

Well last week I had the exact opposite of that!

Many months ago, I booked tickets for my mum and I and go to The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court and when the day arrived I was really looking forward to it. Of course I had the initial day before concern as it rained for the first time in ages, but apart from that I was well up for it.

We arrived as the gates opened and saw in the distance the delightful Kirstie Allsop declaring the fair open and along with lots of other delightful crafty types made our way in.

There was such a happy vibe to the whole event as lots of like-minded people came together and tried not to squeal too much at the site of bunting, pom-poms and Annie Sloane herself, or perhaps that was just us!

POM POMS..IN JARS...does it get any better than this?
POM POMS..IN JARS…does it get any better than this?

Our tickets included three workshops and our first was furniture upcycling, run by the charity Out of the dark.

We learnt about how to prep furniture before painting (the bit I don’t like) , the best type of varnish to use as well lots of other helpful hints and tips for getting a professional finish yourself.

materials for our upcycling workshop
materials for our upcycling workshop

We then headed over to see Jane Means in operation and learnt how to make the perfect bow. I realise this isn’t life changing work and won’t save lives but boy was it satisfying. Jane is a gift wrapping expert and teaches staff at Harrods how to gift wrap and once wrapped a gift for The Queen – fancy!

A brief moment of panic followed when I realised later on I had ‘temporarily misplaced’ my phone but thank the Lord it was safe with lost property and quickly retrieved.

Normal service resumed and our third workshop was more of a watch and listen experience as we watched machine embroidery artist Lou Gardiner. She is a very talented and funny lady and I think it would be fun to go to one of her workshops someday.

There were good food stalls too and I had the tastiest Croque Monsieur from Madame Gautier…hmmm cheese.

We also looked around the two large shopping villages which housed the wares of many talented crafters that were for sale, as well as plenty of craft materials that you could purchase, should you feel that way inclined. (of course we did!)

My mum and I were fairly well-disciplined and didn’t go to mad with  our spending money but most importantly we left feeling craft-abulous and a little warm. (marquees and hot weather)

I know, that worry after the rain was unnecessary.

All in all it really was the best day ever (yeah ok apart from my wedding day obvs)

bunting makes me happy
bunting makes me happy

I spent the next couple of days, wishing I was still there. It was like some sort of crafting coma.

If it’s on next year then I’m there with pom-pom’s on.

And buttons, and ribbons and…..


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