I’m still standing

It feels as though the last few weeks have flown by but when I think back to when we’ve been up to, I’m not too sure there’s much to talk about.

We were crazy enough a few months ago to put an offer in on a house in our street that’s a little bigger than ours and needs complete renovation on a huge scale. And for some reason, myself and Mr T were very interested in buying it.

Long story short, the house was being sold on sealed bids and we didn’t get it, but, ours being a street where neighbours speak to each other, we quickly learnt that the sale had fallen through.

Yon win some, you lose some – literally.


We were a disappointed but also quite relieved, as it was a huge project and also we really like The Teaspoon House.

Plus would I have to rename this blog?


We clearly hadn’t thought that through, so sighs of relief all round!

But then I kept getting ‘feelings’ that maybe we should try again.


You heard, but relax. We still didn’t get it.

So now I am spending inordinate amounts of time secretly looking out of the window (ok, spying) when I hear a voices I don’t recognise talking in the street, this is a quite tricky as there is a pub garden also outside, so you know, there are often voices I don’t recognise.

It’s been tiring.

Anyway, we remain at The Teaspoon House and now I think I will get around to painting the chalkboard wall like I wanted to do, plus some friends recently posted a marvellous photo on Facebook, of their spangly kitchen extension  with a mega cool chalkboard wall and that got me thinking about doing that again.

Just need to climb the ladder into the loft to find a paintbrush, so you know, it might not happen immediately.

credit: pinterest
credit: pinterest


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