tea for two and two for tea

It seems apt to write about tea for this is after all, the teaspoon house!

I was treated to a fabulous afternoon tea at the Royal Garden Hotel for my birthday way back in August.

It was splendid.

When we arrived, first things first –  I checked out the bathroom and found myself walking into a mirror which was strategically making the room look SO big that I thought it went on much further than it really did.

It could only get better!

Once we were seated, along came the ever so polite tea sommelier (that’s someone who knows lots about tea) who said we could sniff all these nice round glass containers of fresh tea and choose which one we wanted.

I was quite taken by the neat glass jars, as you know, I do love a nice bit of storage. I contemplated if I could take one without any one noticing but decided that it probably wasn’t quite the establishment to be trying that.

I surprised myself by choosing the earl grey. Not usually a fan you see but it smelt so fresh and thought I’d better branch out from my usual english breakfast. I do realise that earl grey isn’t that much of a risk, but you know, I didn’t want to choose one and not like it.

Mr T went for some crazy sounding tea.

When the waiter came, he had these super size pots of tea, which to be honest I was pleased about cos when I choose to have a cup of tea what I really want is a mug.

I realise that in hotels you don’t get mugs though, which I would change if I were to be the queen of hotels. I would make it compulsory to serve tea in mugs.

But, I’m not so I was therefore glad that the delicate china cups came with a good amount of tea in a pot.

Win win.

He explained that each tea bag (which they make themselves and were massive, like almost the same size as the tea-pot) was good for five cups and proceeded to pour me a cup in a very odd, but probably correct, way, in a sort of circular motion.

Once I’d told with Mr T several times that the way he poured the tea was like no way I have ever seen tea poured in my life we agreed it was probably time to drink the stuff.

Well, it really was a nice cup of tea! I feel that doesn’t fully do the tea justice. I also know, I’m writing about tea which isn’t life changing so I shan’t go on about it for much longer but I can tell you, it was delicious.

It tasted so, clean and tea like.

But hold the phone, there were also sandwiches and cake.

not your usual sandwich
not your usual sandwich

These sarnies were not from a Marks and Spencers.

which one to start with...
which one to start with…

The cakes were art in their own right that, for about a second, I felt bad stabbing a fork into them and devouring them.

For a second, then I was on to the next layer on the cake stand.

At the bottom of the cake stand wrapped up were warm scones. Thank the Lord that there were four of these so we could have two each as I don’t think either of would have wanted to miss out on those beauties.

It was a very civilised, delicious afternoon.

While were in London we went to see the poppies at The Tower of London in remembrance of the 100 year anniversary of World War One.

I am so pleased we went.

The sight was breathtaking.

Such a unique way to display the unfathomable amount of loss and when I took this photo it wasn’t finished. I can only image what it must be like now that the moat is filled.



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