Walking down on the promenade…

In the Teaspoon House, when you’re on holiday, the day officially begins once  Homes under the Hammer has finished.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a TV show which shows the before and after of properties brought at auction. The presenters tell us, the viewer, what they think of it and then see how much it was sold for and by whom and then as if by magic, we get to revisit it and see what they’ve done to it with the boring in-between stuff like waiting for quotes for come back, dust, set backs and whatnot.

Mr T and I have found ourselves really getting into it this past week  while in full on relaxo mode. If HUH had started it was time to get out of bed and eat breakfast.


Only then would we chat about what we felt like doing that day.

We spent the week staying in a delightful cottage in a village called Wedmore, in Somerset.

It was just the type of place that I imagine I would create myself.

You know, when you play that game on holiday and imagine what it would be like to live there and decide you’ll one day have your own holiday cottage, yeah it’s not just you, we all do it!


This cottage was beautifully decorated and there were lots of cushions on the bed, which Mr T found amusing (he’s not a massive fan of ‘extra, decorative’ cushions) It had wifi and a wood burner – two of our must haves and of course, lots of fresh air.

We went for a walk everyday and even went back to where I spent childhood holidays for a walk along the beach.

I of course loved it and enjoyed being able to show my better half where I spent so many happy days with my family with picnics of squished sandwiches, luke warm tea and cry of ‘don’t get sand in the car’ from my dad!


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