do you remember the time..

The christmas radio times is sitting on my coffee table so now it is properly christmas, wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve got a tree which is looking all sparkly and are preparing for Mr T’s family joining us for Christmas lunch.


2014 has passed by in a flash. Does that mean I’m getting old, when I really do feel like it was just January last week?

This time last year, we were kitchen and floor less and instead we have lots of flat pack boxes to look at.

boxes everywhere you look!
boxes everywhere you look!

But now, The Teaspoon House is done with the few random jobs still left that we can’t quite make ourseleves deal with.

  1. Bathroom door painted
  2. Chalk board painted in Kitchen
  3. A small square of the wall in the kitchen to be painted
  4. Sealing between the tiles and kitchen work top

Just this week, we had the ladder out from the  (queue big scary music) loft and Mr T suggested that rather than put it back when we’d finished with it, we keep it out ‘in case we do any decorating.’

Well that comment through me right off.

I honestly didn’t see us ever, and I mean, ever getting those four jobs done.

Maybe 2015’s new year resolution will be to really do those jobs.


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