We stick together like glue

This morning I stumbled upon a television show called Craft Wars where three contestants are given a crafting project to complete within a set amount of time and the ‘best’ one wins.

Not exactly a novel formula for a TV show I know, but there were glue guns, glitter and as many crafting materials than you can shake a stick at.

Exactly how many craft materials that is I don’t know, but it must be a lot.

Of course, while watching this show I was not doing the list of things that I’ve decided need to be done because it’s Christmas.  Such as cleaning and washing everything thing in site.

So, while I was on a role being distracted I got to thinking about which craft supplies are my go-to’s, in other words, the things I gravitate towards having crafting moment.

In at number one are; the masters that are sticky dots.

sticky dotsPossibly the most dull photo in the world, but these bad boys will stick paper, fabric and embellishments like no bodies business. They’re so easy to use – won’t dry out like a glue stick or clog like glue in a tube.

They lie flat so you don’t know they are there and can’t see them very well on your card or fabric.

A side effect of that thought is that as they stick to most things you shouldn’t be surprised if you later find them on your clothes, face, hair.

I like sticky dots so much I get a bit twitchy when they start to run low.  (in the same way that I do with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish)

Number two are glorious spools of ribbon, string or washi tape.


Ok so I know that’s really three things but they fall into the same category don’t they.

These babies jazz up any craft project and make a plain gift wrapped present look fantastic They are in a word, very pleasing to the eye.  (sticky dots will stick ribbon down a treat as well)

If like me you are a ribbon magpie then you’ll collect remnants over the Christmas holidays that have been used to wrap presents and squirrel them away. You will start winding them on card to keep things neat but soon realise that this is fairly time-consuming and end up shoving them all in a drawer,  vowing one day you will sort through them when you jolly well know that you have absolutely no intention of doing so.

In at number three are patterned, coloured pieces of card and/or fabric. Again, perhaps one of the problems I have is that just gazing at said things is lovely and can take up considerable amounts of time.

nice pensA stash or should I say, carefully curated, patterned card and/or fabric selection fill me with delight. I have more than I need of these category and find parting with it heart wrenching as you never know when you might need it but I have learnt to be a ruthless here.

You will always, get a dud pattern or colour combo when you buy a mixed pack.

Always, like with an eye shadow quad or nail varnish set. There will be some that you dislike and know straight away that you won’t use.

Get rid of it (recycle, pass to a fellow crafter who might love it) so it doesn;t take up valuable space.

What you do have should inspire you not make you want to throw up.

Number four; praise be for the button and any kind of embellishment (aka something you can stick on) Sew them onto your project with a contrasting thread, stick them with a trusty sticky dot and they will transform, and I mean transform, something you want to throw in the bin to a keep sake trinket.

These are also your best friend when you need to hide a wonky edge or glue gun splodge.

Take it from someone how knows!



And finally, a surprise entry at number five is the humble, understated pen.



If you have nice writing then the smooth soul sounds of a good ‘ol pen will be your best friend to personalise your craft project.

I always practice numerous times on some scrap paper first of course but if you do go wrong, which I do often, then the rest of this top five will come in handy to cover up errors.

A trip to paperchase or other stationery store is vital of course so you can choose your ‘special’ pen. I like Sekura gelly roll pens – they write smoothly, some have glitter and others dry a little raised which is nice. Sharpies are my fave for permanency and bright bold colours and then those metallic ones that you see everywhere at Christmas are of course a must to make anything look instantly festive.

Before I close this post of course, a special mention must go to the glue gun. In a league of its own, too worthy of a top five listing.

The glue gun will forever hold a special place in all crafters hearts.

On craft wars (remember, the show I was telling you about that inspired this craft post) well one of the crafters made the error of using a glue gun on polystyrene.

No expert crafter would ever do this as we all know the glue will dissolve the polystyrene.

What craft products do you use time and time again?




3 thoughts on “We stick together like glue

  1. Do so love your blog Jess.
    Well the one I’ve been using a lot as I have been been crafting a gift for my granddaughter is the wonderful staple gun… I do so pulling love them out if they go in wrong…… Just finished making two fabric boards which if I say so myself are not bad…
    Have a fab Christmas xx


    1. Thank you Karen. Yes the wonderful staple gun – how could I forget! Another one for the ‘outstanding achievement’ category 😀 bet the boards look great and what a lovely idea for a Christmas present xx


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