If I could turn back time..

I blogged less in 2014 than I thought I would so my resolution for 2015 will be to try to write more regularly.

Looking back I’ve seen that there were some months where I didn’t blog at all – shocking behaviour.

Here’s a quick look back at what I got up to though.

January saw the blog change its name to The Teaspoon House. Cor, it can’t be a whole year ago can it?

We also adjusted to the life without builders and enjoyed having floor back so we didn’t need to wear shoes inside anymore.

I told you that we were on the home straight in getting the finishing touches done and dusted and I’m annoyed that many of those jobs are still unfinished. We still have an unpainted bathroom door and the chalk board wall has not yet materialised.


In February we put the house on the market! We spent an evening clearing the spare room of paint pots and ladders that had been in there for a year, so that we could show it as an actual room where people could sleep if they wanted too.

Then we took it off the market and were able to leave bowls out on the side after breakfast again.

I also spent giddy hours obsessed with sorting and storing.


March saw one of the outstanding jobs get done. Hurrah.

We paved the front step with our Ebay bargain tiles and varnished the front door.

this isn't our front door
this isn’t our front door

Easter came in April and we spent a week en France with buddies, attempting to ski.

easter tree

In May we mostly watched breaking bad. I didn’t blog very much except to say that I wanted to finish the left over jobs and paint a chalk board wall.


With sunnier days we got to work in the garden and in June, Mr T built decking and now we can open the back door and not plummet a few feet down onto an uneven patio.

The doors also got painted and outside was a nice place to be.

check out the deck - and nicely painted doors
check out the deck – and nicely painted doors

For some reason, I didn’t write at all in July.

We spent a week away at Camber Sands at the end of the month and then more time looking forward to more holidays.

running along in Camber
running along in Camber

August felt like quite a productive month as I sorted out my crafting space.

As we know, any kind of arranging makes me happy and seeing my stash sorted was extremely pleasing.

Processed with Rookie

In September, my mum and I went to The Handmade Fair. I was sooo excited and loved every minute, except the brief moment where I lost my phone and panic set in.

Silly me had left it in a the table when making bows while in some gift wrapping trance.

POM POMS..IN JARS...does it get any better than this?
POM POMS..IN JARS…does it get any better than this?

October was another quiet month for the blog front.

What was I doing? I honestly don’t know.

Sorry about that.

Oh yes, I was telling you that I wanted to finish the outstanding jobs at home and paint a chalk board wall.

Again, again.

credit: pinterest
credit: pinterest

In November we went on a lovely holiday to a spa and then a tiny cottage where Mr T couldn’t stand up properly.

We ate, walked, watched films, and I told you about the time I drank some posh tea.


And finally, we landed in December. I got a bit crafty and had my own top 5 crafting count down which was fun.

ribbonThe house was decorated, we entertained friends and family and landed here, in 2015.

Happy new year!

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