You’ll be ticking off your boxes..

New Year, new priorities right?

I am determined that we WILL complete the list of outstanding jobs this year, who knows maybe this month even….

Yeah, we’ll see.

Mr T started with the bathroom door.

It still remains unpainted but he did fix the dodgy handle and lock. The lock was very stiff and the handle didn’t turn fully before.

Now the door handle doesn’t turn at all, nope complete broken but you can lock it easily now.

This is a good thing as it could have made for some awkward moments.

That’s half a job finished. Ish

Or, depending on how you look at it, another job added now the handle doesn’t work at all and the lock does 🙂

The other project we did was to revamp the lampshade in our living room by spray painting the inside gold with paint we picked up from our local pound shop!

Ooh, shiny.

It now ties in with the wall paper and mirror in the room which I love.

Mr T did this himself and apart from our neighbours popping over to see if we were ok as their house smelt so strongly of paint fumes, it all went really well and has a great even finish which I probably wouldn’t have got as I would have been too impatient waiting for each coat to dry.

I think this is a great way to update a cheap Ikea lamp shade, don’t you?

You don’t get the full effect in this photo to be honest but you get an idea.


And then, fanfare please.


Yes, I did it.

After packing away the Christmas decorations (while I never want Christmas to be over, I do get to the point when I want to take them down as it starts to feel claustrophobic.) the room looked a bit bare with the tree gone and Mr T suggested I actually paint  the wall it after bleating on about it for a year.


I explained how I wanted to paint the whole wall and he thought perhaps I should paint a small section first, as you know, dark paint is a pain to paint over if you don’t like it.

I’m glad I did as I’m really happy with this. I might make it bigger later if it turns out we use it loads, but for now it is great to have it there and one thing taken off the list.

What do you think?

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