paperback writer

I don’t generally make new years resolutions and this year was no exception.

Sort of.

I did decide that this year I would like to learn calligraphy which is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.

As a bit of a crafty person I’d like to be able to write messages on the front of cards without feeling that it makes the card look like it’s been written by a child.

Nothing wrong with a message written by a child but not so great when you’re actually thirty-something.

Of course, there are loads of tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube and I’ve spent quite a bit* of time looking at those for inspiration and information. The wonderful world-wide web at moments like this for me is too much though.


One person who is great and whose typography style I really like is Gemma Milly who worked on the logo for a friends business.

With this inspiration in mind,  I was very thankful that when I popped a book about calligraphy on my Christmas list and my in-laws obliged. Yey!

Calligrapy book


This of course meant that I had to stick to my plan to learn. After all, what good is a book about learning how-to, if it just stays on the shelf?

Calligraphy equipment

I got myself some kit  and began.

It is of course much more difficult than I had expected which put me in a bit of a bad mood to be honest. While I like to learn new crafting techniques I don’t have much patience if I don’t ‘get’ it quickly.

I chose to persevere and followed the authors instructions, which surprised me as I usually scan over instructions as I want to get on with it.

I started out with pencil as the book has examples and projects to follow. After copying out the alphabet over and over and realising that the letter ‘r’ is the hardest letter to make swirly, was itching to get my calligraphy pen action going wasn’t I!

Of course I got ink blobs, permanent ink blobs I might add, over my hands and the paper.

Even on the table and the floor (gasp!) Thank the Lord that it wiped off the furniture and floor with no problems. My skin on the other hand was not so lucky.

I digress. With pen in hand I started again with the alphabet, also deciding that the letter ‘t’ isn’t easy to make swirly when writing in capitals but not letting that get in the way, I decided to have a bash at writing ‘the teaspoon house’

I was quite enjoying using my new tools.

Just like the start of a new term at school when you have a brand new pencil-case. I got myself some straight lines down and sort of measured out where each word would go.

In my hast, you can see below that I missed out a word in my blinkin’ tag line -so annoying!


Now it was time to get going with the proper stuff so I loaded up my quill, sorry, I mean pen, with ink.


It is still very difficult but I’m making progress at how hard I press the pen down so that I can get those proper calligraphy letters going on, and hey, if you know me the you could (probably not to be honest) get a card soon with some fancy pants lettering on it.

Another advantage of me trying to learn means that  I have the perfect place I can practice nice and big…on the chalk board!


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