rub a dub-dub

I’ve changed some of the products I use on my face over the past few months.

I don’t like change and once I find a product I like I don’t tend to switch. In my teenage years I had really sensitive skin so I have a bit of a ‘what if I use this and I have a massive reaction’ type thing going on.

For years and years I’ve been an avid user of Liz Earle cleanse and polish which I’ve mentioned before but the odd blemish here and there had turned into ‘this is where you will always have a spot’ and to be frank dear reader, I was not happy with that.

After I’d eeked out the last of my cleanse and polish I decided I would give Cinique take the day off balm a try as they’re a brand that I knew was good for sensitive skin.

First things first though, it does look and feel like lard but when you rub it into the skin it melts into an oil and you can’t help but want to smear it all over your face and all thoughts of lard are gone.

You know what. I think it might have just nudged C&P out of the bathroom cabinet.

clinque take the day off


Moving on to the next new thing; I’ve never been very good at exfoliating my skin as I’m not a fan of rubbing sand paper on my face.

No longer do I feel this way. Well, I do actually as I still don’t want to rub sand paper on my face but after seeing these First Aid Beauty  facial radiance pads be recommended by Caroline Hirons and Ruth Crilly  a thought I’d give them a go.

first aid beauty pads


They have a slight texture on them which you can hopefully make out in my photo and are pre-soaked in what ever it is that makes them work, in a plastic tub.

They will remind you of those pre-soaked nail varnish remover pads but that’s where the comparison ends.

Twice a week in the evening after I’ve taken my make up off I rub over my face with one of these, they can sting a little but in a good ‘it’s doing something’ way rather than a ‘help I’ve burnt several layers of skin off’ kind of way.

Another reason why I like these is because I don’t have to do anything except to put it on my face – it’s so simple that I do actually use them a couple of times a week and not just glance at them thinking I should probably use them sometime.

Perhaps more importantly is that it’s not a time-consuming extra step to take when you’re already thinking about whether you can skip brushing your teeth and just go to bed, which means they get extra bonus points in my book.

I got these products online and while I love beauty halls in department stores and chemists I’m not too confident at approaching the counters but if you are then go for it – even better if in boots as you’d get advantage card points 🙂


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