Back to you…

A change is as good as a holiday, so the saying goes.

But sometimes you don’t want change.

You want dependable, trustworthy and safe.

(We do of course, always want a holiday)

A few weeks ago I wrote about some products I was using on my face which were new. The last-minute holiday which actually turns out great, but for your face if we’re going to keep using the holiday analogy.

There are however some products I’ve repurchased again and again which I felt it was worth mentioning. You could compare these to a nice B&B in Cornwall where you know what you’re getting.

You like it so you go again.

Ok, enough of holiday comparisons, I don’t think I can keep that going for the rest of this post!


Introducing the four products that I’ve repeatable put in my shopping basket!

make up

Starting with my face, is the Liz Earle moisturizer. I’ve strayed a couple of times, overcome by a half price offer here and there but have soon realised my error and come back to what my face likes.

I find it absorbs into my skin quickly so I can apply make up more or less straight away and I appreciate that it comes in a tub so you can get every last scraping out.

liz earle make up

Next up, my hair.

It gets coloured, blow dried and straightened a lot and the Kerastse lait vital conditioner is the gift that keeps on giving despite the fact that I damage my hair with heat and chemicals on a regular basis.

Warning, this is not cheap but I will say that you really don’t have to use more than a blob the size of pound coin for it to do a good job, and that’s on long hair, so with shorter hair you would not need much at all.

And remember people, just the mid lengths and ends. Not all over your bonce.

The shampoos are also lovely and as with the conditioner, a little goes a long way.

make up, shampoo, conditioner

Painting my nails is one of those things that goes in phases for me. It’s either a ritual every Sunday night for months to combat the ‘back to school’ feeling or I just forget about it for a while and then see the state of my nails and cover them up with polish again.

I like looking as I type and seeing the colour dance around on the keyboard and the brand which I keep buying again and again (perhaps a little too much) is nails inc.

Being a bit of a cheap skate sometimes, I’m pleased to note that TK Maxx regularly have sets on sale 🙂

The range of colours is extensive and if you have enough patience to apply a couple of thin coats, leave them to dry for an age and be lucky enough not to need to go for a wee during the process, I find the colour can last a week before it starts to chip.

make up, nail varnish

And finally, who doesn’t like a nice spritz of something from an attractive bottle?

I frequently spray samples of fragrance onto those little pieces of thin card, in department stores and convince myself I’ll remember what it is I’ve sprayed and instant forget.

I also manage to cover myself with a heady, strong fragrance that makes me feel sick on the  few occasions I’m wandering around duty-free at an airport.

One smell I do remember – in a good way though is L’occitane Cherry Blossom

This is a very light scent and for me is spring in a bottle. I love wearing this fragrance and I think this must be me fifth bottle of the stuff.

make up perfume

These ‘essentials’ may very well be replaced over time, but for now they are firm favourites.



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