head, shoulders, knees and toes..

I haven’t been running ‘properly’ since the summer.

By properly I mean regularly and for at least 5k. (If you want to read about my attempts at running, you can here,  here and here)

I know for many people that isn’t very far, but it’s far enough for me to be able to not want to give up due to boredom / lack of breath / super sweatiness.


I also have a foot injury that has been getting in the way of being able to run so for the sake of being able to walk without hobbling and making strange noises I put it on the back burner for a while.

Rather confusingly,  I found that missed it.

The fresh air, the changing scenery of my local park, spotting bunnies, avoiding dogs not on leads!

Which is really quite annoying as before I hurt my foot, I would find a million and one other important things I should do instead of running.

Then what happens? Well, the minute I can’t do something, it’s all I feel like doing.

So, in place of the running I got back into Pilates.

I’m fortunate that I get to take a class where I work once a week over my lunch break and while I’m most definitely not someone who enjoys exercising in a group I do like getting together with the same group of lovely people each week to stretch, relax and mostly attempt to manoeuver ourselves into the most unattractive, hilarious positions all in the name of toning with no off-putting ‘go team’ crys or fist pumps.

Davina has also stayed a constant in my attempt at having a healthy-ish balanced life and I was delighted in trying her latest offering, 7 minute fit.

credit: thisisdavina.com
credit: thisisdavina.com


Then last week, I came over all funny and just like that, decided to was going for a run. Can you believe it!

Maybe I was inspired by the recent changing of the clocks to British summer time?

I don’t quite know. But I did it, and it was good.

I didn’t track my distance on my phone and had no time or pace to beat.

I just decided on a route, ran it and came home.

My foot wasn’t painful the next day either which was a result.

My efforts to continue with some short but fun runs in between pilates and 7 minute fit  were quickly thwarted by a pair of new shoes which gave me such a huge blister that running last night was not going to happen but I shall not be deterred!


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