Just picture a great big steak fried, roasted or stewed

Who knew they sung about steak in the musical Oliver!

Moving swiftly on, when it’s the birthday of a loved one, you want to do something special for them don’t you.

I’m well aware that this doesn’t mean spending oodles of cash either but I do find myself wanting to treat Mr T on his birthday with things I know he’ll love and for him that falls into two categories; music or food & drink.

Where you read drink, replace that with whiskey.

whiskey, whiskey whiskey
whiskey, whiskey whiskey

I’m going off on a tangent as this isn’t a post about whiskey. All I know about it is that it comes in nice shaped bottles and smells like petrol.


When Mr T’s most recent birthday rolled around, I spent the usual silly amount of time online looking for a nice place where we could enjoy a meal some place nice that we hadn’t been to before.

This, like booking a holiday, took much longer that I thought. I must have spent several hours reading reviews, making up my mind, having a wobble and changing my mind.

When I finally got a grip, I settled on booking a table at The Hawksmoor. Apparently serving the best steaks in London.

I knew if there was one thing he liked, it was a slab of red meat.

We went to seven dials venue (Covent garden to you and me) and for a lunchtime sitting it was packed.

I don’t know what the building was before but it’s industrial inside with exposed brick and looks like this:

credit: thehawksmoor.com
credit: thehawksmoor.com

Neither of us took any photos during our lunch which is a good sign as it wasn’t on our plates for long enough so you’ll have to make do with these from their website.

We both ordered from the express menu. I had the Hawksmoor Burger with triple cooked chips and my other half had the D-rump with a side of green vegetables.

The report back was that it was the best steak he ever had, so we can all relax knowing that their claim, is in fact, true.

credit: thehawksmoor.com
credit: thehawksmoor.com

Pudding didn’t disappoint either which is a fabulous thing as when a place makes their name being good at one thing, in this case meat, you might not expect the other menu options to live up to the same standards however Mr T ate all his peanut butter shortbread up in a matter of minutes, with exclamations of how good it was and I opted for their home-made rolos which again where a real treat.

The verdict: A winner. It’s even been recommended to friends.

Would we go again: Yes, for a treat. This is good quality meat and that doesn’t come cheap.

If you don’t eat meat will you like it? There are fish and salad items on the menu. We didn’t try any of them but they’re probably nice.

Were there any downsides: It was full of people guzzling meat and having a jolly good lunchtime drink on what I’d like to imagine all went on their corporate credit cards as a vitally important lunch meeting, my over active imagination aside, the fact that is was buzzing made it a bit difficult to hear each other so if you’re after a romantic, quiet table in a corner kind of venue, this probably isn’t it. (this venue at least, the others might be perfect for this)

If you’re wanting to treat a meat-eating person in your life, then why not give The Hawksmoor a whirl.


*This is not a sponsored post*


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