tea, a drink with jam and bread

Mr T and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this month and to celebrate we planned the whole day around food.

This isn’t unusual for me as I eat three meals and day and snacks in-between, but what with it being an anniversary the focus of where to eat moved up a notch from our fridge.

Our first treat was a late breakfast in Carluccios as Mr T was given some vouchers for this birthday so this way we didn’t even have to pay anything!

Then we hopped on the train to London town, had a wander around Selfridges and I then took us on a wild goose chase thinking we were going in the right direction for our afternoon tea when in fact I was leading us in the complete opposite direction.

Once we’d figured that out, we enjoyed a sit in Hyde Park as it was such a sunny day and then when the time came, we headed to The Dorchester.

I told you of the time we had afternoon tea for my birthday last year, where the focus was very much on the different teas on offer whereas the focus here appeared to be more on food and never-ending supply of it.

dorchester afternoon tea

First up were two rounds of fancy sandwiches.

I even ate a tuna one and didn’t want to vom.

Well that wouldn’t be very appropriate now would it, even though I must say the bathrooms were very nice indeed.

Then they gave us these amazing, melt in the mouth chocolate and caramel bites to refresh our palette. I have never been given chocolate before to cleanse but you know, if that’s what was required I wasn’t going to decline.

dorecester afternoon tea

It’s fair to say I was not doing sugar-free with this meal.

Next up were the warm scones along with cakes, mini panna cotta, edible flowers and more tea and more cake and more tea and, well you get the idea.

cream and jam, jam and cream
cream and jam, jam and cream

dorecester afternoon tea

We loved every minute of it. There was even a nice man playing the paino while we ate and at one point we realised he was playing the music that I walked down the aisle to on our wedding day which finished the day off very nicely.

I did eat a little bit too much and felt just very slightly unwell on the way home but to took our minds off that we walked back to the station past Buckingham Palace.

The food, the ambience, the people watching.  It was wonderful.

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