I like vegetables, I eat them all day long

I can’t quite believe that it was January when I mentioned Mr T and I had acquired an allotment.

Now we are falling into June and I’m pleased to say that it’s looking a bit different from this over grown pile of weeds, grass and other people’s junk (two bins, a rusty incinerator, compost bin, glass, metal….)


For a while, after we’d dug lots of weeds up and needed any new ones to die, we covered it in black plastic stuff so it looked like this:

But now it looks like it has some purpose in life.

We’ve still got bits of black plastic here and there but we have actual fruit and vegetables planted and some are growing, in a way that could quite possibly fool a passer-by into thinking we know what we’re doing. 

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you my hand drawn map so you can see for yourself what delights await us, should they choose to grow/not get eaten by slugs:

(I spelt asparagus wrong)


Neither of us have a clue what we’re doing and refreshingly when we chat to others on the site, they also admit to making it up as they go, so that’s quite nice.

To feel like we truly belong, we just invested in a cordless strimmer to help with the grass boarders which seem to grow a foot as soon as you turn your back on them.

The last time I used hand-held shears I was in massive pain for the days that followed as my forearms had never had such an intense workout, now at least they will be saved from such humiliation.

Is this the good life?



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