tomorrow, you’re only a day away

As you’ll know, not so long ago I started the sugar-free life.

The dangers of sugar to our health appear in the news on what seems to be a rota basis with stories about butter being good for you after all and how our 5 a-day should really be 15 a-day,  just like fashion trends but of course more important than whether we should now be wearing high-waisted jeans or floaty smock dresses.

I started off pretty well, felt more alive in general and the spots that had taken permanent residence on my chin disappeared.

Good times indeed.

In recent weeks though I have well and truly fallen off the sugar-free pedestal and can mostly be found clambering at the bottom, wiping chocolate off my face.

Personally, I blame the English weather as a sunny day not so long ago meant I had no choice but to eat a magnum ice cream and that was that really.

This week alone I have eaten two magnums, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel ice cream, and chocolate caramel digestive biscuits.

I took a tumble-down our stairs at home this week and in order to recover I needed some treats and Mr T met my request with these delights. (note to self, jeans that are too long are dangerous on stairs with no carpet  or banister or for that matter a wine rack at the bottom of wine…everywhere)

chocolate treats



I am annoyed that the spots have come back though so it’s probably best for all concerned that I get rid* of the above treats as soon as possible.

One thing’s for certain thought and that is, I’m not going to beat myself up about this little diversion.

Sometimes chocolate really is the answer and no amount of dates with nut butter (yuck) will do….

And tomorrow is another day!



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