this is not a bad hair day

Some beauty products seem to last an age don’t they.

Not that this is a bad thing of course, but when I got to the end of my hair serum a couple of weeks ago it was nice to try something different.

On a Boots spree, I picked up this L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary serum, usually £9.99 but I got it on a 3 for 2 deal.

hair serum

This was replacing the Kerastese Chroma Riche that I had been using for at least twenty years. The price varies a lot online but it’s around the £17 mark, so more of an investment purchase depending on how much cash you have to flash.

Anyway, more about the new one.

Let’s starts with the not so good:

The downside for me is that the bottle is glass, so I’m living in fear, or perhaps, slightly concerned while picking it up would be a more accurate description as the serum makes your hands oily.

So I feel like it could slip right out of my hand, on to the floor and smash into a million pieces.

And positives:

I use mine on dry hair before I straighten it and like it a lot. My hair feels much softer and given the price and quantity you get, when compared to the Kerastese bottle this is a good buy.

I also thought that my hair was smoother, which scores high on my list especially as just the slight muttering of ‘looks like fine rain’  turns it into a frizzy mop.

Another plus is that this does not make my hair feel greasy, as if I’ve voluntarily smothered it in chip no no, that is not a good look, so be rest assured that one pump is all you need, smoothed into the ends first, and then the mid-lengths of your hair.

Do not, I repeat, do not apply this at the roots.

You will not like your hair after doing that.

All in all, I’m pleased with this product..a good thing as it will probably last me another twenty years.

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