the eyes have it

I’ve never been particularly loyal when it comes to mascara. There are some make up products where I choose to invest but mascara isn’t one of them.

Usually I find myself picking one up that’s on special offer and most recently this was L’oreal miss manga for around £6.

Mascara, make up

The first thing to say about this mascara is that it has a flexible wand that I wasn’t expecting, so on my first application ended up with it on my eye lids as it bounced around. Not ideal first thing in the morning.

Apparently this is to help wide-eyed look…I probably should have read the back of the packet but I don’t think a mascara should be unpredictable. It has one job!

That aside, I did start to like using it once it began to dry out after a couple of weeks.

What with the messy eye lid thing that had been going down in the early days, after a couple of weeks it started to loose that wetness that you get from a new mascara – you know what I mean right?

Suddenly it became more manageable and I was able to build it up to get the effect I wanted.

What’s good about it?

  • Reasonable price. If you want to try it, it’s on offer again in boots right now
  • The length of the brush means you can coat all your eyelashes in one swipe, great if you want a natural look or are in a rush
  • You can build up the layers. None of that ‘I appear to only have 3 eyelashes because they’ve all clumped together’

What’s not so good?

  • Bendy wand that feels like its going to snap in half*
  • It got quite flaky by mid afternoon

Would I repurchase?

If I found it on offer, maybe but it wasn’t a show stopped for me.

*I’ve read other reviews where users loved it, including Val Garland here, which show why there are perhaps just so many different ones out there.

Do you have a personal go-to mascara you’d recommend?



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