dancing on the ceiling

If you didn’t know, Mr T and I have taken the plunge and decided to turn the loft space (aka where we keep things we don’t have big enough cupboards for) into a bedroom, taking our lovely little teaspoon house from a two-bed to three-bed house.

Being a very, very old house we have had to lower the ceilings on the first floor  by about 20 cms to get the required head height in the loft to meet for planning regulations.

Our neighbours who have done the same warned us about the dust this would create.

I thought to myself  ‘We’ve already lived through the knocking down of walls, having no bathroom or kitchen before. No amount of dust can scare me.’

I was wrong.




I was also just a little bit tense to see the wall of one bedroom just kinda hanging around on its own while the new ceilings were put in.




But frowns quickly turned upside down on seeing that the house had taken the time to accessorize with this delightful necklace made entirely of materials sourced directly from the site of wires, wood and plugs.



After the new ceilings are put in, they can crack on with building out the roof with a Dorma (This is a squarish box that is built-in the loft space so you can walk around rather than crawl)



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