climbing to the top

From having no ceilings, to ceilings again…

The builders we’ve worked with have been quick at this sort of job which is marvellous.


Mr T took this photo as there was no way I was climbing a ladder to get this shot, but you can see the new ceiling joists, beams and other words I think I need to say in this sentence, all in place.


It was the same when we took the bathroom out of the kitchen and a wall fell down and we had no roof. There were high winds forecast yet the builders for that project weren’t at all phased and in a day we had a rebuilt wall and new kitchen roof.


So that we are able to get into the new bedroom via a staircase, which is my preferred route over a ladder any day of the week, we have to lose some space from one of the original bedrooms.

This meant taking out the wall of the bedroom and creating a corridor for the staircase.

(insert your anxious thoughts of people falling as there is no wall anymore, here)


(What’s that? No, I’m not at all crying at the dirty stairs and walls at all)


We decided to remove the chimney breast from this now smaller bedroom.

It has been out of use since before we moved in so I didn’t feel too guilty about removing an orignal feature and am happy we did as the alternative would have been an awkward space either side of the chimney making it difficult to place furniture in this room.



Once that had been removed along with years worth of soot, dust and who knows what else, as quick as a flash a new wall was up ready for the staircase.



Ta dah!



Note to all potential house converters, it was not really ‘as quick as a flash’ although it’s a nice thought.

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