please sir, I want some more

It’s National Allotment Week in the UK (who knew eh!) and reports say that more young yip-type people now have allotments so obvs we fall into that category!

Given this new piece of news it seemed appropriate to give you an update on how things have been going down at our hip and happening spot of ground.

There’s also the added feature of ‘dust avoidance’ right now while the loft conversion continues so spending time at the allotment has been more appealing.

We’ve had success with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, redcurrents, green beans and rhubarb which has been a lovely surprise, especially to me as I’d become a bit weary of the whole experience.

raspberries allotment



We were certainly not prepared for what shall be known from this day forward as the ‘lettuce success of 2015’ and at times its felt as if we have the stuff growing out of our ears.

As soon as we’d got rid of, I mean passed on, some of the over stock, more and more would appear to the point were fellow plot holders would mention it in passing.

‘ooh your lettuce is doing well’

‘Yes, would you like some’

‘No thank you!’

Oh dear.

Friends, family and work colleagues have all been blessed/burdened with bags of it and the kitchen became like a lettuce washing and bagging warehouse.

Suffice to say if anyone offered me a  salad I think I’d have to pass.

allotment, lettuce


And now it seems we’re moving into the autumn growing season already.

I’ve no idea what that will look like but am glad we’ve got past the stage we were in this time last year when the plot looked like this


and now looks something like this…


3 thoughts on “please sir, I want some more

  1. Love your blog – I discovered it recently through being friends with your father in law on Facebook and noticed when he commented. We just bought a house in Luton and are beginning the renovations so I’ve read back over your adventures with interest. Thanks! You’ve inspired me to revive my old blog to record the things we get up to with ours…


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