open up the window and breathe

The dust is literally clearing and there are fewer strangers in the house which means that the loft conversion is coming to an end.

This building project has felt very different from previous work.

For the really messy part we were fortunate to be staying with family so rather than dusting ourselves off each morning we were just dropping in to the house after work to see how things were going.

Emotionally there was a mixture of excitement and dread.

Excitement at seeing transformation and dread at the accompanying mess.

We were faced with many situations that were like flashbacks in time to when we spent our evenings and weekends stripping wallpaper and ripping away polystyrene tiles from the ceilings.

One particular day we came home to this:

loft conversion

Which I think you’ll agree is very similar to this:decorating


Both these photos are of same room, except one was taken a few of years ago not long after we’d moved in.

I’ve found seeing the house look like this again (perhaps even worse than it looked first time around) quite difficult with emotions being pulled all over the place.

Fully embracing the beautiful room we have gained, along with pain of seeing everything we worked so hard to achieve being pretty much annihilated.

Every room has been interfered with. One with an accidental foot through the ceiling, another with a hole through plaster board to investigate where a pipe went. Even the under stairs cupboard got in on the action and now houses our ‘misting system’, which is perhaps worthy of its own post where I answer important questions including will I set it off if I burn toast?!

So as the dust settles, it’s time to take a deep breath and clean like I’ve never cleaned before.

P.S seriously deciding whether to getting some cleaners in…watch this space.


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