life under canvas

During my teenage years I would spent a week every summer in a field with a few thousand others living on pot noodles, minimal sleep and face wipes.


Fast forward a few – ahem – years and this summer I found myself back in a field with a few thousand others. Thankfully there were no pot noodles or face wipes in my tent. The one remaining constant was very little sleep.

Packing for this trip had a few hurdles. The biggest one being that the majority of our belongings were packed away because of the loft conversion building works so retrieving the essentials took on a new challenge, mitigating piles of rubble while grabbing what we could.

A new variation of supermarket sweep if you like.

Thankfully our sleeping bags and wellies were easily at hand and what we couldn’t retrieve we deemed unnecessary and what was, I was able to get in miniature form before we left.

This actually gave me secret joy as I love things in miniature. (seriously though, model villages, tiny steam trains, those tiny pegs for dolls houses)

I’m pleased to report that despite howling winds and just one day of torrential rain,  we survived. I put this largely down to my new miniature luxury  and probably very unnecessary, camping essentials.

Colab dry shampoo. I loved this and unlike other dry shampoos it actually made my hair feel clean rather than like I had coated it white powder that stuck to my head which is how previous dry shampoos I’ve used have felt! This one has the bonus of smelling nice and made up for the fact that I didn’t have any perfume with me.

Hand sanitizer wipes. Unlike the gel stuff that makes your hands feel sticky, I didn’t need to put off using these wipes. The plus side of these wipes is that they didn’t smell overly chemically. I also prefer chucking these into my bag over the small bottles which can leak.

Molten brown shower gel. Confession time, I got this mini size when I purchased a full-sized product as a gift and I know I should have included with the present but I didn’t. Instead I took this into the porta-shower and enjoyed some decadence while showering in flip-flops.

Elvive shampoo. I admit I am a shampoo snob and would have much rather had a travel size Kerastese shampoo with me but I couldn’t reach it during the real life supermarket sweep so picked this up as a substitute from Boots. My recently coloured hair is thankful but secretly can’t wait to retrieve the Kerastese again.

Gilette shave gel. I’d debated not taking my razor at all but changed my mind and having this cute mini shave gel with me added another opportunity to pretend I wasn’t camping at all.



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