busy doing nothing

Mr T and I spent our most recent holiday lying the sunshine, busying ourselves doing nothing.

At first we weren’t sure if we would want to stay at the small hotel for our whole trip but very soon realised it was be impossible to fit any going out into our busy day of sitting, swimming and eating.

We fell into daily routine quickly which consisted of breakfast, sitting on a ‘bed’ on the beach complete with cushions before swimming to cool off before a lunch of freshly caught fish.

After lunch we would sit on the balcony of our beach cottage before making a visit to ‘afternoon tea’ when it was served  (me, miss an afternoon tea – not on your life!) followed by more beaching around, perhaps more literally than you think as we are of course now rolling around due to intense amounts of inactivity, followed by dinner.

I read four books, something I never do at home.

It was lovely.

And now we are home, but on the plus side we still have a faint sun-kissed  look about us so the holiday’s not completely over just yet.







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