feast your eyes on this

I’m a bit partial to some art and craft on my spare time but continually living with builders has made that a bit more difficult than usual.

My ‘craft corner’ was packed up around 3 months ago and with a list of snags from the loft conversion still not completed, it’s fair to say that we have things living in temporary places at the moment so sadly crafting corner will have to wait a bit longer before it is reinstated.

craft room storage

In the mean time a visit to The Handmade Fair with my mum and friend Mrs C, was a great place to get back in the groove.

There were so many talented creative people showcasing their work and of course, selling things. My personal favourite was The Old Farmhouse Jewellery.

The whole event is a real feast for your eyes.

Our day started off watching the talented Charis Williams show us how to turn a pallet into a planter. She really did make it look so easy and now my eyes are peeled on the look out for a pallet so that I can have a go myself.

Next up we attended a workshop run by the delightful Mandy Shaw who led an embroidery workshop. I thought she came across as a very fun-loving lady who loved what she did and we all left her workshop with a kit, so if I get my act together I can finish that off in front of the tv one night this week!

magpies at the ready!
magpies at the ready!

Our final workshop was run by bonbon balloons where we were shown some really simple ideas to make garlands that created a really stunning effect, and I now have something that I can use all those bits of ribbon, paper and random shiny bits that I find it hard to throw away for.


I also purchased this delight and while we wait for #loftgate to get finished, I thought I would join the adult colouring in game. A bit late I know but it might satisfy my crafting mojo in the mean time.


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