Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Last month we were fortunate enough to spend two days in New York and before our trip I asked Facebook for recommendations of places to eat. When this girl gets hungry things can deteriorate quickly and I didn’t want to spend precious time trying to find a place to eat when it could be spent pretending I was in Friends/Suits/Any TV show ever made.

So thank you to those of you who gave a suggestion. There were too many for us to be able to go to all of them but we were very grateful for all the tips.

So here’s a whistle-stop tour on two days and two half days of eating in NYC.

On arrival we headed to Madison Square Park to shake shack.  After our flight we wanted something simple and predictable to keep us going until bedtime.

The burger bun was nice and squishy, the milkshake was the perfect consistency to make a great slurp noise through a straw and the fries had cheese on them.


Afterwards we went for a stroll to walk off the cheese and get our bearings.

new york

Our hotel served breakfast so the following morning after consuming a bagel, a blueberry muffin and some golden Grahams, (it was a self-service breakfast bar, I was hoping for pancakes) we headed out for a walk along the high line.

The high line used to be a railway line and is now a walk way that is free and a great way to see New York from above and not have to cross a zillion roads in the process.

new york

You can join and leave the high line at lots of different points –  we left the high line at the Whitney museum, which by the way has a nothing to do with the late-singer and walked to the World Trade Centre memorial.

In writing this post, I tried describing what it was like, but I really don’t think I can. The huge scale of the site and the audible silence around the area are haunting.

The names of those who lost their lives are engraved all around in a moving tribute and is something I’ll never forget.

new york


For lunch we decided to brave a food van. I’d read various reviews from ‘don’t do it’ to ‘you must!’ Thankfully we didn’t get sick and a hot dog later we did even more walking stopping of course to look in every branch of Sephora.

That evening we went to Eataly for dinner. It’s practically a department store for italian food with different restaurant’s inside. I opted for lasagna which had the most layers I have ever seen!

new york

The next day was a bit rainy but hey, we’re from England so it wasn’t a problem. After sugary cereal and more bagels for breakfast we headed in the direction of Central Park, Grand Central Station and 5th Avenue.

For lunch, we had planned to go to Sarabeth’s but ended up going to Maison Kayser. The most exciting part was when we took Mr T’s left over mac’n’cheese away with us in doggy bag that we later ate in the Central Park because we clearly hadn’t eaten enough saturated fat that day.

new york

The rain returned that evening so we did what we knew best and went into every Sephora that we came across – we also went into quite a lot of other shops and the rockafella centre where we ate a tonne of ice cream.

Had our feet not been about to fall off  we would have love to have gone to try some pizza from Grimaldis, and had something on rye from Katz deli but they were, so we headed back to Madison Square Park where there was a food festival. It took quite a while to decide what we would have and eventually settled on a sub roll thingy with meat and….more melted cheese.

It was really tasty and I ate it before thinking of getting it on camera!

new york

We had a flying visit to the city that never sleeps and I would definitely go back. After all, there are still more Sephora’s to visit (and more food places to try)

Slight disclaimer: I am certainly no food expert and my choices might disappoint the culinary connoisseurs among you, but hey, I liked it.



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