There’s a strange moment when sitting down to write a post for your blog that is supposed to be about renovation your house and taking a moment to look back over the past posts and realising that none of them were anything to do with said topic.

It would appear that getting a room finished so that it’s ready for the ‘after’ photo takes longer than you think.

First you have to wait for the carpet fitter to come back and fix the whatsit back down and then the electrician needs to come back to screw the jiggerypokery thing back together etc etc.

It is life sapping, especially for someone like me who, once starting something is all about the process and would just like everyone else to follow the process so that we can GET STUFF DONE please and thank you.

But who knows, maybe this will be the week that the whatsit will be fixed back down and the jiggerypokery thing is put back together…

Until then, I’ll be writing about days out, make up and who knows what but be rest assured, normal service should resume very shortly!

old header - lamp

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