every task you undertake, becomes a piece of cake

Our new loft room may not have wardrobes yet but it does have a lovely dressing table that I recently jazzed up with a lick of paint and some new drawer handles.

To give it a new lease of life, I got my hands on some Annie Sloan chalk paint.

The main reason being that you can use it without having to prep what ever you’re going to paint first which gets a big thumbs up for me as that’s the worst part of any kind of painting project in my book.

Just as Mary Poppins sings, I’m up for anything that makes a task a piece a of cake!

desk crafting


desk crafting

As I hadn’t used chalk paint before, I watched a couple of YouTube films on using it first so that I could feel more like Kirsty Allsop doing a demonstration on the tv than erm, someone who didn’t have a clue what they were doing.

The paint is quite thick so I watered it down for the first coat, you could still see the wood through this slightly but the second coat was enough to cover it completely.

desk crafting

desk crafting

The paint dries very quickly so if you’ve got a clear day ahead of you then you could easily get something painted in a day. In my case I painted the  first coat on everything in an evening and the second coat another day followed by the wax which again was really easy to apply, and definitely easier having watched the film before hand
desk crafting

desk crafting


desk crafting


Lets be honest, this time tomorrow the table will not be this tidy. I’ll probably have dropped my mascara on the clean white table top and have jars and bottles scattered all over it but for this photo at least it looks nice and organised.

One thing I love is that as a baby/toddle..who really knows, when we visited my grandma, I would sleep in a cot in her room and then in the mornings I would manage to move the cot across the room to get to her dressing table and look at her make up, perfume and trinkets and now I have a dressing table that belonged to her in my home to house my make up, perfume and trinkets too!

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