out on the tiles

As you know, I’m partial to a bit of sorting and having the loft converted has involved a fair amount of this.

Now that the en suite bathroom is finished, I’ve been having a whale of time sorting through toiletries ūüôā

Yes, I am that rock and roll.

The upside (for you dear reader) is that we now have a ready to use en-suite with the perfect plethora of toiletries, for all your toiletry needs.

Now, just to quickly update and advise you, should you also partake in a similar project, we quickly realised that the sink we originally had installed was waaaaaaaay to small, so much so that when I went to lean forward to wash my face I head butted the mirror.

First we thought it would be easier to change the mirror cabinet but as there are electrics behind it for the light, we realised that would be quite a fiddly job so abandoned those thoughts pretty quick.

Thankfully we were able to get a bigger sink that was the same width as the original one that meant we didn’t need to replace the splash back – this would have been a much-harder-than-you-think job as it’s a natural stone tile and would have to be hacked off into a million pieces.

Ok enough talking, here are some rather bad photos.

loft bathroom

loft bathroom

loft bathroom


  • Bath Mat – H&M Home
  • Bin – Homebase (this was from a sale, but they still sell a white one full price)
  • Toilet roll basket – Matalan¬†(reduced to ¬£2 as the fabric bag part was missing)
  • Wall tiles, Silver emperador honed – Mandarin Stone
  • Floor tiles, ¬†Hessian grigio – Mandarin Stone
  • Shower, Newumann square – Bathrooms.com
  • Sink, Signature 400 – Aquabliss
  • Toilet, Metro compact- Bathrooms.com
  • Radiator – Tapstore.com
  • Shower screen – ¬†iBathUK¬†(actually quite bad customer service but lovely screen)
  • Mirror cabinet – I have no recollection where this is from


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