close the window, calm the light

Finishing touches are the name of the game right now and slowly but surely each room is getting finished.

Back in the day,  one of the things I had on my wish-list aka ‘things it would be lovely to have, that aren’t essential but hey it’s worth mentioning’ were wooden shutters for the windows.

It’s a bit of a done thing in the area where we live and our house has been the odd one out in the street with our ‘temporary’ ikea not completely see-through blinds.

You’ll remember of course that I set out on a curtain and blind making journey which revealed the joys of being able to get dressed standing up and having privacy.

But in the back of my mind has been a superficial longing for shutters, plus when you make something yourself, it’s so easy to spot the flaws and get wound up about them. At least that what I’ve thought every time I’ve pulled the curtains closed and noticed the wonky sewing.

So when we started The Big Build:Phase II, I breezily mentioned the idea of having shutters for possibly the millionth time.

The main reason we never got them when we first moved in is because they’re a tad expensive and we had more important things like safe electrics and plumbing to think about, oh and getting the bath out of the kitchen.

bath and fridge - the best of friends
bath and fridge – the best of friends

But now, now we have no bath in the kitchen so operation get-shutters was back on.

Our first option was to get ones that we fitted ourselves and the second was getting a firm to come measure and fit them.

*Queue hours of internet searching until you (almost) go off the idea altogether*

Happily we found a local company who would come and measure and install on the recommendation of a friend.

With prices that were pretty close to what we’d worked out it would cost to do everything ourselves but without the stress of  having to get the measurements perfect, the decision was quite easy in the end,  especially when we considered the financial cost.

And eight weeks later – shutters. appeared

shutters, loft

Possibly one of the least stressful parts of renovating The Teaspoon House to date  – and we can still get dressed standing up and everything.


Not a sponsored post in anyway, but if you’re interested we got our shutters from family business,  Surrey Shutters.



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