I will own a suite at Claridges, and run a fleet of carriages

Being a little partial to afternoon-tea, Mr T once again pulled it out the bag with a surprise birthday treat to Claridges.


Firstly I was bowled over the beautiful floristy in the entrance, with flowers lining the staircase and vases in abundance.

claridges, afternoon tea

Secondly, when I left my coat in the cloakroom I was given a leather fob (the thing you hand in to get your coat back) thatwas inside a Claridges envelope.

No raffle tickets used here.

afternoon tea, claridges

Thirdly, they refill the teapots a lot and you will need to visit the bathroom, which is not a bad thing as they are very nice – lots of wooden panelling and soft lighting.

claridges, afternoon tea

And finally, you will eat too much. Those little delicate cakes must be made of expanding foam or something as you’ll stand up to leave and feel like a weeble.

Go there, it’s lovely.


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