if at first you don’t succeed..

Last Christmas I was given this book and had a crazy idea that I’d be able to start writing in fancy, curly beautiful calligraphy text within a couple of days.

Calligrapy book

How wrong I was.

Not wanting to admit defeat and with a glimmer of hope that I somehow might be able to get the hang of some kind of creative pretty writing, My mum, sister and I went along  to a brush lettering workshop run by Quill London.

brush lettering

Our two-hour class flew by as we were taught by two brush lettering experts Emma Block and Teri Muncey on how to create the finished brush lettering look.

Along with sample alphabets to practice with, attendees also get a brush, ink and paper and perhaps most importantly cups of tea and cake.

Our class was small enough for Emma and Teri to get around to each table a few times to see how we were finding it and give advise with anything we found tricky (in my case the letter f was impossible) and yet still big enough to be able to have a chat with those around you without thinking that the rest of the class could hear every word.

I was mostly uttering how insanely difficult it was to write my name, sympathising suddenly with five-year olds everywhere.

One of the things I liked most was the lack of ‘show and tell’ which I personally dread, so happily there was no risk of seeing other people’s work and suddenly realising that you are not a brush lettering artist after all. Instead we had a rather nice time sitting down for a couple of hours in a low pressure environment getting to try something new.

Why not have a try yourself?


credit: google images
credit: google images

I did not do this. But I wish I could.



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